The Best Shooting Stances for Pistols

The success of anything relies heavily on the foundation you place — a solid footing in construction guarantees a strong and lasting structure. The same goes with shooting stance. A solid stance in shooting is the foundation of accurate shooting. Likewise, a stable shooting stance allows you to measure the precise degree of sight alignment.

Nonetheless, there is no one-size-fits-all shooting stance for all pistol shooters. Your best stance depends on several factors, including height, build, and shooting experience. But, you need professional training to determine what stance fits you best. At Matrix Arms, we can help you choose the best pistol to improve your shooting precision.

Read on to learn different shooting stances you can use to improve your pistol shooting accuracy.

How Do I Establish My Best Shooting Stance for Pistol?

Different shooting stances are used by pistol shooters — there is not one perfect shooting stance for all pistol shooters. But, there are some general rules you can follow to find the best shooting stance for you:

Body Position

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed. Your strong hand should grip the pistol firmly, with your finger off the trigger and resting on the frame. Your other hand should support the pistol, with the heel of your hand resting on the frame and your fingers wrapped around the front of the grip.

In addition, Your arms should be extended but not locked, and your elbows should be slightly bent. You should look down at the sights with your head positioned so that your dominant eye is in line with the sights.


Practice is the best way to find a shooting stance that works for you. Try different positions and see how they feel. Pay attention to your accuracy and comfort level. With practice, you will develop a stance that is natural and comfortable for you, that helps you to shoot accurately. Here are the three shooting stances you can learn:

Isosceles Shooting Stance

This stance is named after the isosceles triangle. The two sides represent your arms, while the triangle’s base is the chest. An effective isosceles stance involves feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointing at the target. You can lean forward and bend the knees slightly for stability.

Power Point Stance

This is a one-handed shooting stance that can deliver quick close-range accurate fire. While exercising this stance, you place your strong foot 15 to 20 inches forward on bent knees while pushing the shoulders into the pistol. This stance allows you to keep the other hand out of the way and be ready to use it as a defense tool. It would be best if you tucked it tightly at the center of your chest. A notable advantage of this stance is that it allows you minimal exposure and enables you to hold a flashlight or open a door.

Weaver Stance

This stance is credited to a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, Jack Weaver. This shooting stance places your weight and positions your support foot 8 to 10 inches in front of the dominant foot. You should place your dominant side foot at a 45-degree angle facing outward.

The Weaver stance involves a push-pull grip and bent elbows. You should bend your support arm elbow downward at a 45-degree angle and pull the gun towards your body. In other words, your strong hand pushes outward while the support hand pulls the gun toward your body.

Discover Your Best Shooting Stance with Matrix Arms

Everyone has a right to defend themselves and their loved ones. Learning the best shooting stance for a pistol is one step toward gaining confidence in using guns. In addition, getting a handgun that fits you best is essential for your shooting.

At Matrix Arms, we don’t just make guns for profit. We have the most innovative and reliable firearms worldwide. Our mission statement focuses on innovation, perfection, and precision in giving all our customers the shooting experience they deserve. When you master proper grip and stance, having as much as 80% lower muzzle flip is not uncommon!

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