Our story, who we are, and what we stand for...

 Matrix Arms is an established high precision CNC firearm manufacturer with all 58,000+ sq ft of our manufacturing space located in “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire, USA. We believe in Freedom. We believe in Honesty, and we believe in Integrity. We don’t just stand to make a profit from selling the most innovative and reliable firearms on the planet. We stand for you. We believe in the power of the people. Most importantly, we believe everyone has the right to defend themselves, their family, and their freedom!

 Matrix Arms originated as our firearms DBA in 2015 thru our then parent company Matrix Aerospace Corporation under my father Ed Farris. We were a long-time OEM firearms manufacturer trusted to produce some of the most popular guns ever produced in the US, and more substantially an aerospace company. As we entered into a new era we knew we needed to launch our own brand name. Now owned by XRAY Aerospace Corporation and utilizing both father and son manufacturing powerhouses Matrix Arms is here to stay. Previous to small arms manufacturing we came from the aerospace, military, and defense sector. Among the list of our well-regarded past customers are Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Barnes Aerospace, Sturm, Ruger Co. & General Dynamics. The move from the aerospace and defense sector into the firearm industry was one with rapid initial success, and we quickly became one of the leading OEM manufacturer’s in the country. After all, what is small arms manufacturing when you have a background in manufacturing torpedo’s, missiles, and countless military and defense contracts? Our innovative products, lean manufacturing principals, world class engineering capabilities, and team of like minded individuals sets us apart from the competition. We have manufactured in private label for OVER 100 companies throughout the United States, including for 83 companies on serialized firearms alone! We manufactured over 585,000 serialized receivers between 2015-2021. With over 80 CNC machines, three world class coordinate measuring machines(CMM) and over ONE MILLION AR lower receivers manufactured, Matrix Arms is the trusted manufacturer. If you truly without a shadow of a doubt want to buy from a high quality US manufacturer with good core values, and intentions, buy Matrix Arms. We have built outstanding partnerships and relationships over the years within this industry, but also seen all of the corruption it has to offer. It is being on the receiving end of this industry corruption that gives us our motivation to have the upmost integrity, and honesty in our everyday business practices. We pledge to do right by our customers, and to do right by our team and supporters. We exist not just to help arm the American people, but to help protect your freedom, your families, and your way of life!

 Sincerely, Allen Farris CEO