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MX19 Glock 19 compatible Matrix Arms Slide *NEW PRODUCT*

MX19 Glock 19 compatible Matrix Arms Slide *NEW PRODUCT*


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Compatible with Gen 3 Glock19 platform builds our *BRAND NEW* MX19 Slides are fully manufactured by us in our New Hampshire facility. Made out of Heat treated 416 stainless steel. Featuring RMR cut on the rear. Our MX19 slides are manufactured with ONE thing in mind and that is QUALITY! We take no shortcuts on these slides they are produced with only the finest manufacturing processes available in modern day. Unique diamond serration pattern featured on the side of the MX19 slide gives maximum grip when charging your handle and throughout a much larger surface area!

Slides include Heat treat, and the choice of three different plating options, electropolish and black finish which creates our obsidian black mirrored finish, standard black, or stainless with or without electropolish

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Weight 1 lbs


  1. Shawn Tannehill

    I love it. Such a cool looking slide. The machining is perfect. I’ve had absolutely no problems. Also their customer service was great.

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