Matrix Arms AR 15 Upper Receiver Group




AR-15 Upper Receiver Components

When you build your own gun, part of the proper assembly involves understanding the functionality of the parts before you begin. When you purchase an upper receiver group from Matrix Arms, you get well-engineered, precision parts with guaranteed quality for assembly.

If you already have an AR-15 rifle, you probably already have a complete lower with Serial number. By pushing out two pins, you can easily connect a new upper to your lower. Not only will it save you money, but it will also save you time and paperwork.

Not wanting to get two guns? If you just want a different AR, but don’t want to spend dollars on a new gun, getting an additional upper is a good deal.

The upper receiver group attaches to the lower receiver of the rifle and is comprised of several components that work together for a functional piece. The upper receiver consists of the bolt carrier group, which is responsible for proper loading and firing, as well as the charging handle, which allows you to load the gun. The barrel, which determines the accuracy of your rifle, is one of the most important parts of the upper receiver group.

The barrel length you choose also determines the size of the gas tube and block you need. The gas tube and block are essential parts of the upper receiver group because they supply the gas pressure needed to fire your rifle properly. Mid-length gas systems are ideal for 16′′ barrels.

Other upper receiver components include the rail system and handguard, which are used to add accessories and protect the user, the forward assist, which increases the gun’s reliability, and the ejection port, which keeps your rifle clean and functioning at its best.

Choose Matrix Arms for your AR build

To purchase an AR15 upper receiver group for your current build or to learn more about any of the available parts, contact Matrix Arms today.