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9MM Bolt Carrier Group Nitride

9MM Bolt Carrier Group Nitride


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Our 9mm BCG is manufactured with one thing in mind and that is compatibility. The market for the 9mm is often not standard and compatibility gives many issues. We offer this 9mm to ensure you have the opportunity to put a high end 9mm BCG in our upper receiver and know that compatibility is not an issue. Combining this 9MM BCG with our upper receiver and extremely accurate 9mm barrels these pistols are a true statement of what we strive for here at Matrix Arms. This 9mm bolt carrier is manufactured out of 8620 steel and features a QPQ Nitride finish for corrosion and wear resistance. We understand the stress these BCG’s can be put through by an avid shooter and understand malfunctions on the battlefield are NOT acceptable. The ramped design allows use with standard hammers and are also compatible with Glock™ 9mm or Colt™ 9mm magazines!

Weight: 15.66 Oz

Why 9MM?

9mm is a pistol round. This often leads people to wonder why they would even consider creating a 9mm AR15 build. There are a few reasons why someone may consider making the switch. One of the most pressing is the relatively low cost of 9mm rounds. While 5.56 and .223 are not typically expensive, they often cost more than 9mm. Furthermore, some places have added restrictions on rifle rounds, meaning they are a less flexible option, depending on local laws.

Additionally, many people enjoy shooting the 9mm round because it isn’t too “hot” and is quite lightweight. For most people, comfort and reliability are more important than range and stopping power (after all, most people don’t have easy access to 600-yard ranges). This can be a great way to get more from your AR15 build.

Why You Need a 9MM Bolt Carrier Group

With the right bolt carrier group, you can ensure smooth cycling action for your new build. This carrier works with Colt and Glock style magazines and lowers. It has a traditional extractor that will help you to ensure long and reliable use. Ultimately, this is the right part if you want to make a truly successful AR9 build.

Planning Your Build

Before purchasing any bolt carrier group or other parts, you need to determine what lower receiver you plan to use. While AR15 style rifles feature largely interchangeable parts, there are some inconsistencies, especially when you move past having 5.56/.223 rounds. With a 9mm carrier, you should make sure that your BCG and lower can play nice together. Fortunately, this part allows use with standard hammers as well as Glock and Colt parts.

Order Your 9MM Bolt Carrier Group Nitride

Are you ready to make your AR9 build a reality? Place your order for our 9mm Bolt Carrier Group in Nitride Black. This is an excellent part that won’t let you down.

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