Lower Receiver Group

When you choose a lower receiver group for your AR 15 rifle project, you have a few choices. You can purchase an entire group already assembled, or you can buy individual components and assemble them together to form your lower receiver group. Matrix Arms has the high-quality parts you need to complete your 5.56 / .223 rifle project.

Lower Receiver Group Components

The main component of the lower receiver group is the lower receiver itself. The AR15 lower receiver is the specific part that makes your project considered a firearm, which means it is the most highly regulated component of the rifle. This piece is the only component that includes the serial number.

The AR15 trigger group is also part of the lower receiver group and includes the trigger, hammer, and housing components. Purchasing a stripped-down lower receiver group allows you to customize your trigger group to one that best suits your comfort and ability level.

The buffer and buttstock are lower components that affect your experience when shooting your rifle. Buttstocks come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that comfortably fits on your shoulder. The buffer absorbs the shock of the kick, which is essential for accuracy. The magazine rounds out the lower receiver group and comes in various sizes for your needs.

Buy a Lower Receiver Group

For high-quality precision manufacturing of Ar 15 – 5.56 – .223 parts and a variety of component options, contact Matrix Arms to get started on your build today.