AR 15 – 5.56 – .223 Handguards

Piecing together your own rifle provides a customized experience that you can’t get when you purchase one pre-assembled. As you select each component, you can choose a piece that perfectly fits your grip and highlights your specific skill set. You can choose to purchase entire sections, such as upper receiver and lower receiver groups, or buy stripped-down versions with individual components. One component that you can customize to fit your needs is a barrel handguard.

The Purpose of a Handguard

AR15 – 7.62 – 9mm Handguards are added to rifles as a safety measure to protect your hand from the barrel. When in use, the barrel of your rifle can become hot and is a burn hazard. A handguard attaches to the barrel and gives you a place to safely grip without having to worry about burns. Handguards work in conjunction with rail systems to provide an attachment area for other rifle accessories, and can be constructed of lightweight material, carbon fiber, composite or alloy materials.

Barrel handguards come in two basic varieties. The classic handguard is a drop-in model that is simple in assembly and function. Many owners prefer a free-floating handguard that only attaches to the barrel at one point. Free-floating handguards can result in increased accuracy and comfort when compared to a drop-in version.

Purchasing a Handguard

Matrix Arms specializes in well-engineered rifle assembly parts, including barrel handguards. For more information about handguards or any other products for your build, contact Matrix Arms today.