For decades, 9mm has reigned supreme as the most preferred caliber for law enforcement agencies and private individuals using handguns. The ammo stands out because of its reduced recoil, allowing faster target reacquisition and easy handling.


However, recently, the round sparked a debate when President Biden claimed that a 9mm would “blow the lung out of the body.” Biden’s sentiments profiled the ammunition as one of the most lethal while categorizing them under “high caliber weapons.” Yet, many handgun users feel otherwise.


What is 9mm?

9mm Parabellum (9mm Luger) was first developed around 1901 by George Luger, the designer of the famous Luger pistol. It measures 9×19 mm, making it one of the market’s smallest and most lightweight calibers.


Since 1901, the round has undergone several improvements to meet modern security standards. Unsurprisingly, many handgun manufacturers like Matrix Arms, Sig Sauer, and Smith & Wesson tailor most of their guns to fire 9mm.


Will a 9mm Blow the Lung Out of a Body?

Trials were carried out to determine if the ammunition blows up organs, as claimed by President Biden. It was established that 9mm would likely exit the body, leaving a narrow wound channel behind. It does not shred or blow up the target’s organs like the high-caliber cartridges.


Which Guns Shoot 9mm ammo?

9mm is the most preferred round for many handguns from reputable manufacturers worldwide, including the Matrix Arms MX19 Pistol, designed and manufactured in New Hampshire, USA.

The cartridge is used on popular firearms from Glock, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield.

Furthermore, 9mm ammo is used in other brands of handguns manufactured by Sig Sauer, Beretta, and CZ. The 9mm round, which has been used in firearms for the longest time, is still produced by a number of different gun manufacturers.


Why is 9mm Ammo the Most-in-demand?

With the ammo’s compact size, gun handlers can carry several 9mm ammo for combat or self-defense operations. Most 9mm handguns use magazines with 11 – 15 rounds, letting you shoot several rounds before running out. Pistols such as Glock® 19 and the Matrix Arms MX19 platforms can hold up to 100 rounds. In addition to the small size, 9mm has a flurry of renowned benefits for gun handlers.

Reduced Recoil

In contrast to high-caliber ammunition such as .45 and .38, a 9mm fires with lower recoil. It is, therefore, easy for both beginners and pros, especially those who shoot while on the move. Furthermore, the reduced recoil allows for quick and more precise follow-up shots.

Excellent Penetration Power

Although compact, a 9mm cartridge is lethal enough to incapacitate targets. Not surprisingly, President Biden’s claims that 9mm blows lung out of the body could be linked to the incredible penetration power the small ammo gives. However, rather than shredding organs as President Biden indicated, the bullet escapes the body through a tiny wound route.

High Availability

Some calibers are hard to find since manufacturers produce and supply a low number. Nonetheless, that is not the case with 9mm. Since many domestic law enforcers use the caliber, manufacturers make them in considerable numbers to match the high demand.

Affordable Cost

Due to its small size and extensive production volume, 9mm ammunition is one of the most affordable in the market. The low price tag makes them a suitable option for hunters and target shooters who wish to use hundreds of ammunition without worrying about price.

It Provides Many Options for Gun Platforms

Since 9mm ammunition is compatible with several pistols, users have several options to use with their ammo. They can go with the Matrix Arms MX19, Glock, Sig Sauer, S & W shield, Ruger, Browning H1 power, and Springfield. 9mm choice of ammo does not limit one to just a few firearms.

Learn More From Matrix Arms

9mm ammunition doesn’t cause the lungs to explode. Rather, it causes the bullet to exit through the chest cavity. The bullet is designed to travel at a relatively slow speed so that it can be stopped by bone rather than penetrate soft tissue.

9mm ammo is one of the most common calibers used by shooters who own handguns. It’s also a favorite among those who practice self-defense because of its small size and lightweight. In addition, 9mm ammunition is inexpensive and readily available at many stores.

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