Our Story, Who we are, and what we stand for...

Matrix Arms is an established family owned and operated high precision CNC firearm manufacturer located in “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire, USA. We believe in Freedom and the power of free will. We seek for and trust in God to use us to our best ability. We don’t stand to make a profit from selling the most innovative and reliable firearms on the planet. We stand for values and beliefs. We believe in the power of the people. We believe today more than ever it is important to standup for the rights our founding fathers and ancestors set for us thru generations of wisdom and knowledge. We believe too easily the rights of the American people are being stripped away at whatever rate the current generation allows. We believe in standing up for these rights so strongly because we have seen first hand the attack being put fourth on our rights.

We feel strongly that someone who is willing to break laws will never be confined or restricted in getting weapons. And that a weapon can be of any object and that the true evil is within the act. And that it is our duty to supply arms to as many law abiding citizens as possible with both mass produced budget friendly firearms and higher quality hand crafted firearms. Growing up in New Hampshire, guns have been a way of life since birth. With some of the most lenient gun control laws in the country including no permit needed to carry. We see first hand how the true repellant to gun crime is more law abiding citizens with guns. Reflected in the fact that New Hampshire is the #1 safest state in America. Growing up to these values is what causes us to believe everyone has the right to defend themselves, their family, and their freedom!
Previous to small arms manufacturing we originated from the aerospace, military, and defense sector.  We were a long-time OEM firearms manufacturer trusted to manufacture major components for some of the most popular and trusted guns ever produced in the United States. More substantially an aerospace company, with a list of past customers including Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Barnes Aerospace, Sturm, Ruger Co. & General Dynamics.
Matrix Arms originated as our brand name DBA in 2015, thru our then parent company Matrix Aerospace, owned and operated by Allen Farris and XRAY Aerospace Corporation since 2021.
Both companies combined in Claremont, NH include over 58k sq ft of manufacturing space, 80+ CNC machines, 90+ employees and three state of the art Zeiss Coordinate measuring machines. Prior to 2021 we had already manufactured in private label for OVER 100 companies throughout the United States, for over 80 companies on serialized firearms alone! Including over ONE MILLION AR lower receivers manufactured. We manufactured over 585,000 serialized receivers between 2015-2021 alone!

As we entered a new era where we saw more than ever the importance of having our own voice and brand name. We saw the importance of standing up for what's right and producing products for the people by the people. Now as a brand name family owned and operated by less than 20 employees in which nearly half are direct family each Matrix Arms firearm is guaranteed to be crafted by American values and is of the highest quality.

We have built outstanding partnerships and relationships over the years within the industry, but also seen all of the corruption it has to offer. It is being on the receiving end of this industry corruption that gives us our motivation to have the upmost integrity, and honesty in our business practices. We pledge to do right by our customers, and to do right by our team and supporters. We exist not just to help arm the American people, but to help protect your freedom, your constitutional rights, and the American way of life!

Sincerely, Allen Farris CEO