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7.62 Upper Receiver

7.62 Upper Receiver


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One of the key benefits of the AR-15 platform is the ability to change calibers by simply swapping a complete upper assembly or by replacing the individual components—the bolt, barrel, and upper or lower receiver. Matrix Arms’ 7.62 Upper Receiver will allow you to optimize your AR-15 Rifle for use with 7.62 ammunition types.

Build On Your Own Terms

When building a rifle, you can purchase a fully assembled Upper or choose to assemble one on your own by purchasing and assembling the individual components. If you’re aiming for accuracy, then choosing the right Upper Receiver for your rifle is essential in ensuring you get a stable build that demands precision. Our 7.62 Upper Receiver is machined using American-made Mil-Spec 7075 aluminum forgings, allowing the Receiver to withstand high pressures and extreme heat while remaining lightweight. The Matrix Arms 7.62 Upper Receiver gives you the option of building or converting your AR-15 Upper Assembly on your own terms.

The Matrix Arms 7.62 Upper Receiver features:


  • Machined from American-made Mil-Spec 7075 Aluminum Alloy Forgings
  • Hardcoat anodize/Matte black finish
  • DPMS thread
  • Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail
  • DPMS High Profile
  • Forward Assist
  • Held between 2.058″ and 2.068″
  • 1.313″ from the center of the barrel to the top of the rail
  • Made in the USA

Looking for your AR-15’s Lower Half?

The Matrix Arm’s 7.62 Upper is only guaranteed to be fully compatible with the Matrix 7.62 Lower. If you’re looking for the perfect fit to ensure your rifle is built to last, fires with precision, and always hits the mark, then check out our 7.62 Stripped Upper/Lower Receiver Set.


Find your ideal Upper or Lower Receiver, or choose from a variety of components by contacting Matrix Arms for full inventory options.

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