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5.56 16″ Complete Rear-Charging Upper

5.56 16″ Complete Rear-Charging Upper

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Our 5.56 complete upper comes equipped with a 1/2×28 standard A2 flash suppressor, an extremely lightweight Matrix Arms handguard, and a Mil spec Carpenter 158 steel Bolt, and staked carrier key. Our BCG is MP tested and ensures reliability and precision every shot. Perhaps one of the most important components to your build is our 16” 5.56 NATO 4150 CMV 1/8 twist barrel to ensure long accurate shooting whether you are at the range, hunting, or in an apocalypse you can feel confident that your rifle will do it’s job.

Caliber: 5.56/.223

Finding Your Ideal AR15 Upper

When the AR15 was first designed, its modularity was a major selling point. It could be disassembled and reassembled using interchangeable parts and simple hand tools. This benefit was carried forward to the civilian AR15-style rifles and is a major reason for their decades-long popularity.

At Matric Arms, we thoroughly encourage our customers to mix and match to find the ideal combination of AR15 upper and lower for them. As you search for your optimal upper, consider how it will fit your budget, use case, and experience level.

The Matrix Arms 5.56 16″ AR15 Charging Upper

This product is a complete charging upper, meaning that you get the entire package with a single purchase. Whether you love what you see or want to keep things simple, buying a complete package means that you can finish your build sooner and start using your AR15.

It is designed for the 5.56 NATO round, making it ideal for a wide variety of activities. Whether you are hunting or heading to the range, this intermediate round offers great performance without being too “hot” or heavy.

At 16 inches, this is a relatively long AR15 upper. It provides reliability, accuracy, and stability, even if you are using your rifle all day. Despite its length, this upper is surprisingly lightweight at only two pounds. You can carry around your AR15 all day comfortably, even in tough hunting terrain.

Other Matrix Arms AR15 Uppers

The Matrix Arms catalog includes many other uppers (complete packages, stripped uppers, and more). If our 5.56 16″ Complete Rear-Charging Upper isn’t right for you, we are confident you will find a great fit. Using the interchangeability of the AR-15 platform, you can build out your ideal rifle.

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Weight 2 lbs






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Foxtrot, Charlie, Victor, Lavi


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